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Graphic design, copywriting, website design, and advertising produced on time, at a set price, with measurable results.


If you're like most people looking to hire a graphic design and advertising company, you're probably hoping your hard earned money won't be wasted. What if you pick a company that misses deadlines, surprises you with extra charges, and puts out material that may or may not be worth what you spent on it?

A Graphic Advantage! protects you from these problems. Let's say you have a large project for us...

Schedule of Events

Your project starts with our Step by Step Schedule. We'll outline our obligations and what dates they'll be met. If we need materials from you, we'll note by what day we'll want them. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing what happens next – hire us for your upcoming project.


Know the cost before we start

After we present the Step by Step Schedule, you'll get our Up Front Quote. You'll sign for all the charges, and your invoice won't have any surprises. If you need a change mid way through, you'll sign for the new amount. A Graphic Advantage! makes it easy to plan your budget.

See if your money was well spent

Your project can have a device to track response. You can use a unique phone number, a special extension, the address to a specific page on your web site, or instructions to present the project at the time of purchase for a discount. These and other trackers produce measurable responses that help you tell if your project was worth the cost.


Call today

If you're ready to get measurable results from your hard earned advertising dollars, call for a quote. We do business all over Planet Earth. If you're in Southern California, call to schedule a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Give us a call today,

Talis Baltgalvis
a Graphic Advantage!

3901 Carter Ave #2
Riverside, California 92501

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